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iStock_000012181084_Large.jpgCouncil creates boards and committees to provide recommendations to Council, as well as to invite feedback and input from residents on various topics. The list below explains the responsibilities of each committee and how often they meet.

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 If you have any further questions about boards or committees please call (403) 207-7050.

2018 Boards & Committees

Legislated Committees:

Assessment Review Board

This board reviews appeals of property value assessments and makes decisions about the appeals. Members of this board are required to complete additional training and may be expected to travel to different municipalities for meetings. It only meets when required.

Chestermere Planning Commission

The Chestermere Planning Commission (CPC) considers and decides on development applications (i.e. for new buildings, subdivisions, etc.) that come from the Development Officer. This board meets approximately once a month.

Chestermere Library Board

The Library Board oversees the direction and management of the Chestermere Public Library. The board meets on the second Thursday of every month. New members and visitors are always welcome. To join this board, please contact the board directly. 

Subdivision & Development Appeal Board

This board hears and decides items denied by the Chestermere Planning Commission that have been appealed by the applicant. Members only meet when required, approximately 8-12 times a year.

Chestermere Emergency Management Agency

This is a legislative requirement for municipalities to have to coordinate responses to emergencies. City of Chestermere staff sit on this agency.

Human Services Advisory Board

This board develops and reviews priorities for FCSS and United Way project funding in relation to Chestermere’s social infrastructure. They are responsible for reviewing and assessing all funding applications before making recommendations to the Director of Community Services. This board meets approximately once a month. View more information about this Board.

Calgary Inter-Municipal Committee

Municipal elected officials sit on this committee from communities surrounding Calgary.

Rocky View County Inter-Municipal Committee

This is a partnership committee that municipally elected officials sit on.

Police Communications & Community Link

Comprised of members from the community with representation from Council as a method of community consultation on topics such as community safety, policing priorities, and resolution of public concerns.

Project Committees:

Lakefront Park Committee

This committee is advisory in nature and provides feedback to Council on options for the creation and use of park space around Chestermere Lake. The committee meets as needed by Council.

Ad-Hoc Business Park Committee

Stay tuned for more details

Advisory Committees:

Audit Committee

This committee makes recommendations to Council on the selection of Chestermere’s auditor, provides oversight of the financial reporting process, and reviews the auditors’ statements. This board meets several times per year as necessary. 

CUI Rate Application Committee

Provide expertise and support Council in its role as regulator of Chestermere Utilities Inc. (CUI). Committee members will review CUI Utility Rate Applications, Financial Statements and Key Performance Measurement Reports. The committee will also assist the City to refine and improve the rate setting and financial reporting processes for future years. For more information email the City of Chestermere's Controller. 
Download the Committee Member Summary Description here
Download the Committee Policy here. 

Streetscapes Committee

This committee (formerly the Urban Beautification Committee) explores ideas and costs for ways to make Chestermere more beautiful (i.e. banners, lights, flowers, etc) and pursues projects that Council approves. This board meets once a month.

Watershed Committee

This committee focuses on the health of Chestermere Lake and surrounding environmental concerns. Its members meet quarterly throughout the year.

Partnerships/Community Committees:

Calgary Regional Partnership

This is a partnership committee that municipally elected officials sit on from communities surrounding Calgary.

Chestermere Conrich Recreation Board

Works to identify and establish policies related to recreational and cultural facilities and parks. Please note this Board is not associated with the Chestermere Regional Community Association (CRCA).

Remembrance Day Committee

This committee is comprised of residents and Council members who meet to make plans to mark Remembrance Day each year.

Community Futures

The organization helps individuals, agencies and organizations within the region through business advisory, lending, entrepreneurial and economic development services.